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PupilPath Direccións y Navegación en español

  • For iZone reset, please email your iZone teacher directly.

  • If it is after school hours, please Ms. Erin Hill-Lewis

  • Be sure to include the class you are in and the name of the assignment you need reset, for example Quiz 1.4


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ریجنٹس پریکٹس اور اسائنمنٹس اساتذہ سے۔ 

جب آپ لاگ ان ہوتے ہیں تو "سیلف اسٹڈی" پر کلک کریں پھر ریجنٹس بٹن۔  اس کے ساتھ مزید مدد کریں۔  ویڈیو 

Tropical Leaves

گوگل  کلاس روم

پی ڈی ایف لنک کھولیں۔  اس بارے میں مزید جاننے کے لیے کہ والدین اور سرپرست گوگل کلاس روم کی اطلاعات کیسے حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔

PupilPath is a student information system for parents and students. PupilPath allows parents and students to view important student and school information such as student attendance records, class schedule, assignment due dates and grades, graduation eligibility, school announcements, and more. This is a convenient tool for both parents and students to keep up with class work and student performance.

Students how have used PupilPath last year can login with the same E-mail/ID and password they used last year. Students login with their 9-digit student OSIS Numbers. Parents login with their E-mail!

If you have forgotten your password click “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions from the list below:

  • For parents you will be prompted to input your E-mail address and select your school.

  • For students you will be prompted to return to the Login Screen and re-register to reset your password. 

First, you must register on Pupil Path. Students received a Pupil Path invitation email from school the day before school begins. This email provides the registration codes needed to sign up. If any student has not received their registration codes, please contact the Pupil Path point person at your school.